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FIDO Seoul Seminar (Dec.6. 2017)

We had successful event two days ago. It is FIDO Seoul Seminar 2017. The event was one of important milestone for FIDO Alliance and its ecosystems. Firstly, FIDO Korea Working Group officially started from the event. This working group will expedite adoption of FIDO solution and also bring advanced evolution of expanded authentication platform and solution. This activities with FIDO2 would be momentum for FIDO Solution to be 'nexus of authentication' for existing industries and new IoT. Secondly, after the event, many industries are showing their attention and interest to FIDO2 and its ecosystem with biometrics. I am pretty sure that Korea could make great and fast use cases that FIDO ecosystem would like to refer to or make. Lastly, very thankfully, I received Certificate of Appreciation from Brett who is executive director in FIDO Alliance. I will do my best for more adoptions and better improvements from the ecosystem perspective. Also, I would like to share these successful use cases and insights with other regions in FIDO Alliance. Thank you, FIDO!

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